About Martin Henderson

Martin Henderson won a sportswriting competition at his local paper in 1980, during his senior year in high school and proceeded to write professionally every year after that. It was shortly after a stint as a weekend disc jockey that he moved to San Diego. He joined the San Diego Edition of The Los Angeles Times in 1990. He wrote the newspaper’s official commentary in the wake of NASCAR’s Dale Earnhardt investigation, profiled Al Unser Jr., in the wake of his alcohol recovery, and John Force after his own accident and the Eric Medlen tragedy. He tackled sponsorship in open wheel racing, the influence of Mexico, and fighting in NASCAR. Henderson is an 18-year veteran with The Times. He lives in Southern California with his wife.


4 Responses to “About Martin Henderson”

  1. Tom Blattler Says:

    Hi Martin:

    Saw your new website. Hope all is going well for you.

    Worked the ALMS race at Laguna Seca a few weeks ago (Acura finished 1-2 in LMP2).

    Now getting ready for the 2009 ALMS season with de Ferran and Highcroft Racing moving to LMP1. Fernandez will be in LMP2 again.

    Start testing the new cars in Dec. Will be in So-Cal for Long Beach. Hope to see you soon.

    Take care.


  2. What address do I send you Press Releases to?


  3. Bob Wolfson Says:

    Martin, I’m an 80 year old former resident of Altadena and that puts me back to being a sub-teen during WWII. At that time my parents rented Shav’s home while he was away in the armed forces. His house was next door to his parents home, a large, adobe structure that had been a tea shop in the past. Shav’s mother, Florence taught me how to crochet washcloths for the military and she taught me how to play cribbage. When Shav returned home, we rented his parents home as they had moved elsewhere. The home was heated by large fireplaces and featured a dining room on a balcony overlooking the great room. It had a mural on one wall that depicted the Spanish establishment of the Missions along the California coast A few years ago I saw Shav’s name on the internet and wrote him a short note asking if the adobe home/tea room was still there. Three days later I picked up the phone and a voice said…”is this Bobby?” Well, it’s been well over a half century since I’ve been called Bobby. It was Shav. And what a wonderful conversation we had. His remembering me as the little kid who had lived in both his homes. He assured me the adobe home was still there and that the mural was still on the wall. I was unaware of the amazing heights Shav attained in the motorsports industry but I am very proud to say I knew him.Thanks for your internet comments.
    Bob Wolfson

  4. Martin Henderson Says:

    Bob, that’s a great story. I never saw Shav’s home, although I understand he collected antiques. That always surprised me. He was a fantastic man, and I can picture (and hear) him saying “Is this Bobby.” Awesome.

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